5Spark For Equipment Dealerships

What is 5Spark?

It’s also the first step to move from ‘firefighting and reactive’ to ‘controlled and proactive.’ 

The methodology is proven to improve safety, reduce costs, improve quality, improve productivity, and improve employee morale and engagement. 

Many of the most successful businesses in the world use 5S, or a variant thereof, and recognise that a safe, organised workplace offers many benefits. 



Keep only what you need, get rid of what you don’t.


Get organised! Everything must have a home.


Clean and inspect.


Create a system, find best practices, make things make sense.


It  only works if you keep it going.


Define your “Why”


Embrace it as a team sport


Start Small


Follow each step


Make it a habit

Focusing on your customers and growing your business is hard when continually fighting fires. 5Spark helps eliminate the root causes of those fires and allows you to refocus your efforts on innovation, your team, and your customers.

Clutter and chaos, inventory, injuries & downtime

Safety, moral, customer retention, job & customer satisfaction

Pride in the workplace, teamwork, customer value and high quality service

Change is happening, an immediate positive impact, respect and a culture of improvement

At the dealership level, the following area segmentation is recommended: 

Personal Workspace

Office & Showroom

Shop & Toolroom

Service Trucks

Parts Warehouse

Facilities & Ground

On-Site Support

Transform your workplace with hands-on experience! Choose a key location and for 4 impactful days, a 5Spark consultant will be on-site, skilfully guiding your team through the kick-off event, plus the Sort and Set in Order phases for up to two project areas.

5Spark Training Toolkit

Ignite 5Spark culture in your team with a customisable set of training presentations, tailored to captivate and educate your executive leadership, 5Spark champion, 5Spark team and fellow employees. Inclusive of a complete set of templates and checklists, designed to help you with each stage of 5Spark for every area of your dealership

Virtual Support

Our dedicated 5Spark consultant will be there every step of the way, providing up to 4 hours of virtual coaching.

Immersive Online Training

A streamlined, power-packed learning journey meticulously designed to deliver maximum impact in minimum time, ensuring your team acquires essential skills swiftly and effectively.

5S Success Guide

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to implementing 5Spark for the six key areas of your dealership: personal workspace, office and showroom, shop and toolroom, service trucks, parts warehouse, yard.

Visual Aids

A set of visually impactful posters designed to guide and inspire 5Spark excellence throughout your dealership.

5Spark is a registered trademark of Sheppard & Company Inc